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Bluffers the Reel Deal Again! 3 Grand Prize Winners in 2013!

Year after year Bluffers proves it’s a top spot for catching big salmon

Reel Deal 2013 Winners

Reel Deal 2013 Winners

Why just participate in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby; go in it to win it! Give yourself the best chance at victory by fishing the waters around Bluffers Park Marina. In 2013 three of the tournament’s six grand prize winners landed their prized catch here, taking home a Toyota RAV4 each–not bad for a day’s work! In fact, for four years in a row the biggest fish caught in the Great Ontario Salmon Derby have been pulled from the waters around Bluffers Park Marina. Last year’s winner was an arm-aching 36.72 pounds!

With prizes in the 2014 Great Ontario Salmon Derby (July 5 to August 23) totaling over $270,000, give yourself the best chance at reeling in the big one. Remember, for the ultimate salmon fishing in Toronto, Ontario, you can’t beat the waters of Bluffers Park Marina.
Get your ticket

Tickets for the Derby can be purchased at Bluffers Park Marina and when you haul in that prize-winning catch you won’t have far to go to confirm it because Bluffers Park Marina is also one of the eight, official weigh stations for the Derby.

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