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Water or land there is plenty of space to dock or store your boat at Bluffers Park Marina, the only full service marina in Toronto.

Perhaps the greatest thing that’s included with our boat dockage and storage is flexibility. We aim to accommodate your preferences. At Bluffers Park Marina we will work to your schedule when it comes to getting your boat in or out of the water.

If you want us to launch, fuel up and bring your boat to the slip or to the storage area we can do that—you don’t even have to be at the marina to witness this process.

Want to stretch your boating season well into the fall? Go ahead—our boat storage deadline can be whenever you want it to be, although weather is our guiding factor. Mid-November we are usually done as we need to winterize our equipment.

To protect your boat, while it is docked or in storage with us, our facility is gated and equipped with security cameras. Plus, there’s someone in the office year round for added peace of mind.

If a storm strikes during the winter months, one of our staff members heads out afterwards to inspect every boat in our winter storage yard for damage and to repair any tears in the boats we have wrapped. If there is damage to your boat you will get a call from the office.

Lastly, if maintenance issues occur while your vessel is docked or in storage at Bluffers Park Marina, we can repair it on site as we are the only full service marina in Toronto. As well, if you can limp here by water we are can repair it.

the dockage and storage facilities available at Bluffers Park Marina, Toronto's only full-service marina

Summer Season Rates (May to October)

Includes up to 30 amp hydro, parking, water, pump outs and a 10% discount on food services.
Fixed Docks (Shore) 30′ minimum: $105.00 / ft. LOA
Floating Docks – 20′ minimum: $95.00 /ft. LOA

Summer Hydro
– Extra 30 amp outlet $12 more per foot
– 208 Volt 50 amp outlet $15.00 more per foot.

Boat on a Trailer
20 foot minimum – $40.00 per foot

Visitor Ramp Access
$ 1.20 x LOA per Day
$ 5.75 x LOA per Week
$17.85 x LOA per Month

Entire Season: $5.50 per sq. ft.
1 Month: $1.60 per sq. ft. (150 sq. ft. minimum)
1 Week: $0.80 per sq. ft.

Cradle/Boat Trailer Storage for BPM Annual Boaters: $160.00/Season
Cradle/Boat Trailer Storage for BPM Winter Boaters: $380.00/Season

Non BPM Boat Trailer/Cradle Storage and Storage Trailers: 20 foot minimum $32.00/foot.

Blocking/Stand Rental
Power Boats only: $6.85/ft. LOA
Sail boats must have a cradle
Tripod (stand rental) $95.00/stand

Transient includes 30amps and water Floating Dock (20′ min.)
$1.85 X LOA per Day
$8.50 X LOA per Week
$32.00 X LOA per Month

Fixed Dock (24′ min.)
$2.10 X LOA per Day
$9.50 X LOA per Week
$35.00 X LOA per Month

Boat Trailer Storage
(with transient docking)
$8.60 per Day
$37.00 per Week
$92.00 per Month

Camper Trailer/RV
(with transient docking)
$40.00 per Day
$200.00 per Week
$725.00 per Month

Pump out at fuel dock (visitors): $16.00

Overnight Vehicle and Trailer Storage
Vehicle: $8.60/day or $125.00/mo
Trailer: $12.00/day

If you already own vessel moored at Bluffer’s Park Marina, keep your Jet Ski/Sea do in your slip tucked in with your vessel.

Keep your Jet Ski/Seadoo in a vacant slip over on E dock

Rent the slip beside your boat (based on availability)

If you only have the Jet Ski

Please call the office to inquire about pricing.

Winter Season Rates (October to April)

Boats Must be 30 ft. min.

In-Water Storage: $95 X LOA.
(Includes one lift-out after each entire year, expires if not used)

In-Water Live-aboard Fee (Winter Only)
First Person: $425.00
Every Additional Person: $335.00

Winter Hydro: *$48.00/amp
(30 amp 120 volt /50 amp 208 volt services available)

* Subject to Change

Land Storage Package:
$5.80/sq. ft. (Includes haul out, hull rinse, storage, and launch) *Does not include winterization, see GLYS for service*

Land Storage only: $5.10/sq. ft. (150 sq. ft. minimum)

BPM Winter Trailered Boats: $35.00 / ft. (20 ft. min.)

Storage Trailers & Containers: $5.10/sq. ft. (20 ft. min.)
Car Storage: $125.00 per month
Motorcycle: $55.00 per month

Trailer / Cradle Storage: for BPM Seasonal Boaters $165.00/season.

Power Boats only: $6.80/ft.
tripod Stand Rental: $95.00 per stand
Sail boats MUST have a cradle

Boat Lift or Launch: $7.90/ft (up to 40′), $10.50/ft. (over 40′)
Sling time: $115/hr
Sling time (overnight): $180/night

Charged at a minimum of 20′: $150.00
Hull Rinse: $4.20/ft. LOA
Repair Land Storage: $1.60/sq. ft. monthly, $0.80/sq. ft. weekly

Repair Blocking: $126.00 monthly, $55.00 weekly
Mast Step/De-step: $5.80/ft. LOA, $8.00/ft. LOA for two masts

Crane use only, includes operator
Yard Labour: $80.00/hr (1 hour minimum)
Welding (Steel only): $132.00/hr
Tow Inside Harbour: $175.00/hr (1 hour minimum) NON BPM $500.00 deposit

Forklift & Operator: $105.00/half hr
Drive Boat/Captain: $80.00
Mast Storage $125 per season

Taxes extra where applicable. Rates subject to change.
Rates updated: 02/01/2018

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Office staff is great and very accommodating. Yard staff excellent with haul out and launch.

MikeWith the Marina for 4 Years

I feel you are a warm welcoming Marina who's staff is very approachable and welcoming. I keep coming back because of your dock security, fellow fisherman, boaters and your secured gates to park and very scenic Marina with beautiful wildlife.

Overall the staff at Bluffers Park Marina is always helpful with any request made. The staff has always been pleasant to myself and my friends. I appreciate their cleanliness of your washrooms, docks and the marina as a whole.

Steven BlanchardWith the Marina for 30 years

Pat and I love Bluffers Park Marina. The staff is friendly and courteous. It gives us piece of mind that your security system works. Looking forward to this fishing season. Thank you Michelle, Kelly, and Staff.

Leonard ReaumeWith the Marina for 20 years

The company is great! Having experienced Marina's + Marina services all over the world due to my racing career, I can easily comment that Bluffers Park Marina is one of the finest run marines I've had the privilege of being at. All experiences have been great from the admin staff and technicians.

Lorne LeibelWith the Marina for 8 years

We wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our stay at Bluffers Park Marina last summer and to complement your staff, Michelle, Kelly, Lexy, Jenna and Jaime for being professional, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful to our wants and needs.

It made our stay memorable, pleasant and hassle free. We are looking forward to another fishing holiday at the Marina this summer.

Edna McCallion
Phone: 416-266-4556
Fax: 416-266-7808
Toronto, Ontario M1M 3W3
7 Brimley Road South