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Ready for Winter Storage?

View or download our Winterization Checklist now.

Looking for a place to store your boat on land this winter? Bluffers Park Marina, the only full service marina in Toronto, has the space. Store your boat for the winter with confidence. Our winter boat storage facilities are safe and secure and can accommodate boats up to 40 tons.

Our experienced personnel can assist you from start to finish and our winter boat storage rates are some of the most competitive and affordable in Toronto. Our winter boat storage package includes haul out, hull rinse, and spring launch. And if your boat requires winterization, shrink-wrapping, off-season service and storage we can look after that too because Bluffers Park Marina is the only marina on Lake Ontario with licensed and certified gas and diesel technicians on site.

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Winter Land Storage (October to May)

Boats must be a minimum of 30 feet long

Winter Dockage (Includes one lift-out after each entire year, expires if not used)
$105 x LOA

In-Water Live-aboard Fee (Winter Only)
First Person: $470.00
Every Additional Person: $370.00

Winter Hydro (30 amp 120 volt / 50 amp 208 volt services available): $48.00 / amp

Payment plans are available to boaters that have been with us for 1 year ( 2 full seasons) they are subject to a 5% finance charge.

Payments must be in the form of post-dated cheques or a credit card to be charged monthly.

If BPM has to chase you for payments the privilege will be revoked.

Land storage package (includes haul out, hull rinse, storage & spring launch) 150 sq. ft. minimum: $6.40/sq. ft.

*For winterization – please contact Great Lakes Yacht Services – 416-266-4376*

Land storage ONLY: $5.70 / sq. ft (150 sq. ft. minimum)

BPM Winter trailered boats: $38.60 per foot (20 ft. minimum)

Storage trailers & containers $5.70 / sq. ft (20 ft. minimum)

Car storage: $142.00 per month
Motorcycle: $63.00 per month

Boat trailer/cradle storage for BPM seasonal boaters: $184.00 / season

Boat trailer/cradle storage for non BPM – Boat is elsewhere however trailer/cradle stored with us: $415.00 / season

Power boats ONLY (blocks & stands): $7.50 per ft.

Sail boats MUST have a cradle

Taxes extra where applicable. Rates subject to change.
Rates updated: Oct. 2020

Contact us at 416-266-4556

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Phone: 416-266-4556
Fax: 416-266-7808
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